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Just as you choose your cell phone provider, your Internet provider, your bank, you can choose the energy supplier that is right for you.

Con Edison primarily delivers energy. You have the option to choose an ESCO/energy supplier, Con Edison will continue to read your meter, handle service calls, and provide emergency assistance. You will still receive the same safe and reliable service you have come to expect.
ESCOs Are Energy Suppliers
ESCOs supply electricity and/or natural gas to customers in New York City, Westchester County, and around the state. Remember, when you choose an ESCO/energy supplier, Con Edison will still deliver the electricity and/or natural gas to you.
How to Choose
Find out how to choose an ESCO: business, residential.
Take the First Step
The first step in taking control of your energy bill is to learn more about Con Edison's PowerYourWay program. Click here to find out more about PowerYourWay.
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