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When electricity is generated from renewable resources — such as wind, sun, water, or biomass — that's green power and it's good for the environment. Thousands of New York State residents have already made the green power choice and, by doing so, are helping to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, such as oil, gas, and coal. By choosing green power and paying a premium, they are helping create a cleaner, healthier environment.

Think About It…
If just 10 percent of New York's households purchased green power in conjunction with their electricity supply, it would prevent nearly three billion pounds of carbon dioxide, 13 million pounds of sulfur dioxide, and nearly four million pounds of nitrogen oxides from getting into our air each year.

By purchasing green power, you support the development of more facilities that generate electricity from renewable resources.

Right now, electricity generated from renewable resources costs slightly more than electricity generated by fossil fuels. When you choose green power, you will pay a premium in your bill, but you will be helping to create a cleaner, brighter New York.

Choose Your Energy
Your electric service is made up of two parts, supply and delivery. In New York’s competitive electricity market, you can now shop for your supply of electricity and you can support cleaner, sustainable energy solutions by selecting green power for some or all of your supply.
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